The Hope Collection is an ever-expanding virtual library of inspirational stories faith, hope and renewal brought to you by the people of The United Church of Canada. Each story is about an inspiring and energizing project or ministry, sharing how communities and individuals are being transformed across Canada and around the world. Everyone is welcome to post stories!

The Goals of the Hope Collection are to:

  • Share ideas and good news in an accessible online format to counter the narrative of decline and despair and to open up possibilities
  • Provide collaborative and creative networking opportunities
  • Encourage deep listening and celebrating the Spirit at work in each other
  • Provide a platform for established and emerging Christian artists


Stories . . . 

  • are about inspiring and energizing experiences or ministries
  • share how communities and individuals are being transformed
  • follow the guidelines and tips for writers provided
  • are not “news” about an upcoming event, or new program/project (there are a variety of ways to share news items – see magazines  and newsletters

Stories may be posted as:

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Videos

Stories may be posted under one of the following categories:

  • Global Partners:  national churches, ecumenical organizations, Christian councils, and church agencies around the world, who partner with the United Church.
  • Canadian Ministries:  Includes a wide variety of United Church ministries, such as camps, chaplains, campus ministries, community and social justice ministries, Aboriginal ministries, and other organizations/coalitions who partner with the church across the country.
  • Congregational Ministries:   Pastoral charges and individual congregations, including congregational outreach ministries, and groups such as United Church Women (UCW), and As One That Serves (AOTS)
  • New & Emerging Ministries:  Innovative faith formation initiatives which don’t fit in the traditional models of church.

It is our hope that by sharing these hope-filled experiences we will increase our connections with one another, and cultivate greater optimism and a sense of gratitude, both personally and as a denomination.

To share about The Hope Collection with your congregation or wider community, we offer bulletin inserts for download and printing.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.