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Seeds of Hope: Building Right Relations at Camp

MacKenzie Camp is set in a beautiful semi-wilderness area on Mabel Lake (east of Enderby, BC), where the wonders of nature have been known and passed down through the ages by aboriginal communities for 10,000 years. They have been guardians

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Saint Columba House a Safe Haven for Bees

Saint Columba House is engaged in seeking justice through empowerment, education and social action, as a Community Ministry of The United Church of Canada in partnership with the Point-Saint-Charles neighbourhood of Montreal. Saint Columba House provides opportunities for community residents,

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Opportune time of the Spirit…

Kairos Pneuma Chaplaincy came into being at the moving of the Spirit within a group of people concerned for Chaplaincy and those whom we serve. All part-time prison chaplaincy contracts were cancelled by the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) in

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Mural as a Tribute to Youth Tragedy at Jane & Finch

Jane & Finch mural

The Jane and Finch Community Ministry has been situated in one of the Toronto Community Housing’s communities, Firgrove, since 1982 with the role of providing community development and community organizing support, pastoral care and advocacy through coalitions and networks.

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Transforming Lives at United Church Camps

The United Church’s 60 faith-based camps make up the largest faith-based camping ministry network in Canada, incorporating spirituality, values, and cultural diversity in unique and adventurous ways, and transforming lives across the country. In the last five years over 100,000 children

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