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Sand Dams in Mozambique: A Project supported by the Faith Legacy Project of Oxford Presbytery

Hands up if you’ve ever been in Wiriamo. No? How about in Matambo? No again? These are two rural communities with sand dams built in arid Tete province of Mozambique. A sand dam is a low concrete structure across a

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Strong and Able: Challenged students learn farming skills

Chata Katoka left formal school at Grade 5. She was constantly in and out of hospital fighting acute cerebral malaria, which is the reason she is mentally challenged. She was categorized a slow learner, and in her home in Lusaka,

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Honouring a Woman of Courage

This story was submitted by United Church partner Vernie Yocogan-Diano of the Cordillera Women’s Education Action Research Center (CWEARC) and Cordillera Peoples Alliance This is a message in honour of a woman of courage. We pay our highest tribute to Engr. Fidela

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Experimenting with Food Production Techniques in Japan

Every year, about 30 rural community leaders from across the Asia, Africa, and Pacific region come to Japan’s Asian Rural Institute (ARI) for a 9-month live-in program, learning the skills of community self-help and development. At ARI, participants are able

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Maize and Mulch in Zimbabwe

Farmers in drought-prone southern Zimbabwe are learning new low cost ways of farming that dramatically increase their yields and improve their lives. As one farmer put it, “If you knew what’s in my heart…I feel like flying!” This project is

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