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Every Bite Affects the World

For World Food Day 2011, the Adult Christian Education Committee of St. James United Church in Regina, SK created a service called “Nurturing the Planet.” We screened the short film Maize and Mulch in Zimbabwe, co-created by the Canadian Foodgrains

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Jai Mashi: An Intercultural Community Ministry

Knox United, the oldest Protestant congregation in the Red River/ Winnipeg area, once a church home to 19th and early 20th century waves of immigrants, has become home to the only Bhutanese ministry in Canada. “Jai Mashi” (which means Praise Messiah) is an intentional intercultural ministry where Bhutanese, Filipino, West and East African, and descendants of the Euro and Japanese communities are held together by what pastor Bill Millar calls “improbabilities, perhaps even impossibilities for anyone other than God.”

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Camino d’Emaus

Camino d’Emaus translates into English as the road to Emmaus. This Latin-American ministry in Montreal offers a central Sunday worshipping community with six different Christian base communities throughout the greater Montreal region. Social, spiritual and linguistic threads bring people into a broad Christian family that shares space and partners with a francophone congregation in downtown Montreal.

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Wilderness Road Ministry

Wilderness Road Ministry is a vibrant, community-based ministry initiative of Siloam United Church in London ON that engages people in a variety of ways, including children’s music programs, youth coffee houses, young adult pub nights, and intergenerational social justice initiatives. People of all ages join together in alternative worship. They also offer a podcast app and web resources.

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Unvirtuous Abbey

Caffeinate, my children

A Twitter account for everyday humorous prayers. Unvirtuous Abbey is the account for a group of fictional monks tweeting and retweeting prayers with sarcasm and humour. Aaron Billard, a minister at St.John’s United Church in Moncton NB, is the mind behind the fictitious monks.

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